Pioneering the future

Global group to represent total life care and funeral culture

with the history of growth​


For changes

We promise to be a company lasting for 100 years with customers with various methods including

the innovation of products and services and social contributing activities



Boram group to share the precious moment

for 30 years since established in 1991



Boram to pursue the highest competitiveness as the company value with a managerial philosophy for

“how it is not possible to be the top if we work just as much as others”



Company to grow with customers, employees,

and cooperative firms with sharing

business area

Boram Group continues to love customers with sincere heart and practice.


As the representative total life care company in Korea, ​Boram Sangjo realizes the original value for mutual​ aid with company ideology to ‘make an effort like our​ Brothers and parents.’ ​

High quality funeral service providing the Lincoln ​Continental limousine
service for the first time in Korea​ Boram Cruise traveling service for special
experince​ on the ocean ​Total life care service in overall areas in life including
wedding service for the most touching and beautiful​ Experience for those
who want a special start​

Ceremony business

Operate professional organization for systematic funeral
events​ for the reinforcement of company competitiveness and
high ​quality funeral service. ​

Boram Sangjo provides high quality service with systematic​
education based on long-time funeral events and also benefits ​for
specialized funeral service for employees of an ​
organization through affiliation of service. ​

​Funeral Business​

Funerals directly managed by Bogam Group in Korea provides ​
the best service for every customer including the deceased and their families.

For sophisticated and beautiful funeral culture, funerals directly managed by​​
Boram Group convey touching moment based on honesty and trust to customers ​​in the name of Boram while communicating and developing with customers. ​

Information Industry and
Trade Business​

We rapidly cope with needs of customers with ​smart technology
service integrated with IT and ​provide various platforms. ​

We make an effort for the development for warm world​ where creative
ideas of Boram stay with people and technology​ through IT and pioneer
the future for the enriched world ​for customers. ​

Hotel and Resort Business​

We are leading the culture for everyone while​ providing high quality
service and the best convenience​ and rest.

We are presenting warm and fantastic panoramic view ​for all the families
while providing hotels and resort ​ facilities equipped with sophisticated rooms and various​ accessorial facilities and also the best healing and beautiful​ moment. ​

Education and Sport Business​

Boram Group will do their best for the development
of funeral culture education and sports in Korea.

With long-time accumulated experience, we cultivate​ professional funeral
directors equipped with funeral​ theory and practical ability while operating
middle and ​ high school ping pong federation and men’s business ping​ pong group named ‘Boram halleluya’ held by the life sports​ Competition. ​

Construction and New Business​

Boram Group will be a company leading and growing the innovation ​
while designing the future with continuous challenge and passion. ​

Realizing high added-value in the recycle of Styrofoam that could not​ be​
recycled in the past for the first time as well as advanced technology​ intense​
engineering business and construction management, we come up ​ ​
with and realize various businesses for the development including eco-friendly ​ business for the nature and people. ​

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보람그룹 최철홍 회장님,
2020 국가소비자중심 브랜드 대상
7년 연속 수상

국내 최다인 180만 여명의 회원으로부터 신뢰와 인정을 받은 보람상조가 상조업계 최초로 7년 연속으로 국가소비자중심 브랜드 대상을 수상하였습니다.

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